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Welcome to OtakuGuru.
Hi everyone,  I’m Robert, the owner of OtakuGuru.com. Mostly everyone call me Rob.
I’m Otaku, Gamer, Poke-fan and of course Blogger + Youtuber.
I am proud husband and father. My personal level is 30! [So yes, I know what am I doing here – probably 😀 ]
I have very special skills which will make this website and my channel special.
Those skills are: WebDevelopment, Web and Print Design I love to make nice UI and special UX for best looking experience.
How you know if something been written by me? Simply, you’ll find one author – me! as OtakuGuru 🙂 Maybe someday in a future someone else decide to join me, but so far this is one person who manage everything, write, reviews etc.
Probably you think where I’m based? Answer is Bristol in UK. Nice and green city, only weather could be better.
Why I’m telling about myself Otaku? Because Manga & Anime is my passion, I grew up with it. I hope my passion bring you most of the latest news from Japan and about Anime, Manga, J-games, J-music and much, much more!


About OtakuGuru

OtakuGuru is a website with the latest news about Japanese Anime, Manga, culture, gadgets, games, convention and of course Pokemon. Also no worries if sometimes you’ll find something not related with any this topics [this wont happen too often]
I know that there are many people just like me and i hope most of you decide to add this blog to RSS reader or bookmarks.
I’ll try to make this place different than other websites and bring you some reviews, photos, figures reviews, Japanese snacks that you will not find anywhere else, game informations, info about Pokemon cards that you can not find in any other place.
So remember read everything very carefully 🙂
I’m bringing here my whole life experience and will try to collect all the best information in one place. I believe you can save some time. So please subscribe RSS, follow Twitter, FB, Instagram, subscribe to my YT channel.



Want to help or contact with me? You are very welcome.

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