Japan Funbox Mini July 2016 unboxing and review

Today I would like to show you Japan Funbox I was offered in June. Box arrived very quickly – from shipping confirmation email to delivery it took 12 days. Shipping straight from Japan to the UK. The type of service was SAL Small Packet. I would like to add that for this type of shipping this was surprising, comparing with Loot Anime which needs around 20 days from USA to UK [but more on that in another review, which is in progress].

So what is it, that Japan Funbox?
This is another offer for subscription box collectors, but addressed to the Japanese gourmet sweets lovers.

What can be found in that box?
Various sweets depending on the box size, but mostly: chips, candies, Pocky, chewing gum, soft drinks, chocolate and DIY kits [they give the most fun].
Japan Funbox has 3 size variants in different prices with a guaranteed content quantity:
Mini – $ 14.99 [5-7 items]
– Basic box and that I have opportunity to review,
Original – $ 32.99 [15-20 items]
– Middle size box, in my opinion, the most interesting because it contains: 1 DIY Kit guaranteed and 1 Special Item (Toy, Gachapon, Special DIY, Adult Candy, Drink …) guaranteed
Family – $ 49.99 [25-50 items]
– this is the exclusive box. But I would very gladly try it, because such content can give a lot of fun. 2 DIY Kit and 2 Special Items guaranteed.


What is most important?
All boxes are qualified for free worldwide shipping. So even when you are buying the most expensive one you receive free shipping. It is important in my opinion, because the boxes are mostly addressed to people outside of Japan.

So let’s get to the content
Mini box may seem small and poor in sweets, but mine contains 6 products. So we have a guaranteed amount between 5 and 7.

Inside Mini box:

Alfort – chocolate on a biscuit. Very good and tasty. Personally, I like it. Crumbly biscuit covered with milk chocolate on the top. Simple and tasty connection as a result of which everything melts in the mouth. Each chocolate is decorated with image of the ship.


Whistle Candy [grape flavor] – they are powder candies with grape flavour. Lovely taste of a childhood. Surprisingly you can use it as a whistle – that is why those candies are named like that 🙂 – but not for long because candies quickly dissolve and break in half. Japan Funbox write: those sweets are very popular among children in Japan and hated by parents, children like whistling and this sound anger parents. Everyone after a hard day finally need some peace 🙂 In addition the candies comes with small toy. I found very tiny figure that looks like a crab crossed with Godzilla 😀


Pizza potato chips – I know that chips but in spicy flavour and I like it. Unfortunately I will not be a fan of them. As for me they are bland. What surprises you can actually find cheese on them and after opening package smell like a true pizza. Oh Japan and the Japanese way to imitate something natural.


Glico Pocky Pretz Tomato – standard Pocky snack butt his time with tomato flavour. Offered as dual pack so dual crunching option. I love Pocky. I tried a lot of different flavors but this is my first time with tomato. They are good if you like that flavour. For me it is ok and they are good with beer.


Ume-Pacha – carbonated fizzy candy powder. Okay, I will be honest, never again! Forgive me if someone like it but I know this is not a taste for everyone. Kind of sour candy, gum flavour… No, no way. I do like sour and crunchy sweets but not like that. Little advice: check what happens when you swallow it – you can feel like it popping and sizzling in your throat. Strange feeling.


Shuwabo – soft candy, like a gum. Sweet but not too much, orange flavour outside with powder filling similar to Ume-pachi but better and most important little bit sweeter. It was very good but too little pack 🙁 Give me mooore.


To summarize: I liked 4 out of 6 received. This is my own opinion, everyone likes different flavors. You can share it in a comments.

Cost summary
The cost above this box is $ 14.99 at the current exchange rate about £11.
How it is compared to buying sweets on your own?
Is it worth it?

Based on prices I found you have to remember that they are international stores or private sellers on Amazon, eBay, etc. They do not include shipping costs getting the product separately becomes more expensive, unless we are able to purchase them from a single vendor.

Alfort biscuits – $3.40
Whistle Candy grape falovour – $2.80 – $3.20
Cable Pizza potato chips – $2.99 – $3.80
Glico Pretz Tomato – $3.00
Ume -pachi – $1.00
Shuwabo – $1.00

Counting the average price, it goes above $14. But not everywhere the products were available. So adding shipping costs increases overall price. Of course you can try to get everything in one store, but still there is shipping cost.
But even at a similar price I consider that it is worthy to get the box. You don’t know what is inside a box. You can see that Japan Funbox try to give you interesting sweets. I hope they will be giving even better things and keep the high level. It is important that everyone can find something for themselves which also is not easy to buy.

How does the box look like?
Box is simple. Cardboard box with a logo. Inside of the box is red material that gives the interior touch of exclusivity. Plus flyer that contains the current box and original box items list. Unfortunately, I do not know what is inside Family box and it’s a pity.

What else can I add?
Japan Funbox is an interesting box. Of course, it has pros and cons. There is nothing perfect. Personally I can say that it is worth to change the style of packaging. It should be more flat and rigid from the bottom, because someone can be easily push it inside and take out something. They could add info what a Family box contains? Unless this has to be so exclusive that they not want it to quickly appear in any review.

And besides – keep it up. I love sweets from Japan so please be sure it will always be good and interesting. Drinks and DIY kits are great, they are very rare and a desirable. Free shipping works for the benefit. You do not need to worry about additional costs. This is a big plus.
I wish you good luck and be aware I would like to get something bigger from you [maybe next month :D].

So Itadakimasu!


I forgot about video unboxing. Take a look that on Youtube:

Remember visit: Japanese Candy Box Free Shipping Worldwide – Japan Funbox

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