Grey Tabby and Shiroppy found new home…

Grey Tabby from Tsuchineko Kidoairaku Cat Plush Collection and Shiroppy from Pote Usa Loppy Field Rabbit Plush Collection arrived from Tokyo Otaku Mode shop.
Both plushies come from Amuse Company which specializes in creating beautiful plushies for last 25 years.

TOM new package



Ok, see more details:

Isn’t that cute? This Bunny look sweet

Isn’t that cute? This Bunny look sweet

And Grey Tabby? It looks at you, how long can you be angry?

And Grey Tabby? It looks at you, how long can you be angry?


Shiroppy is really soft, well made and adorable. The best description is my wife comment after we opened the box:


“It is so wonderful that it is killing by sweetness”


Why did I not recorded this 🙁 She was jumping around the house and enjoyed it like a child.
Shiroppy is sweet but the little radish he is holding adds him cuteness. And that little blush. It looks sweet when ashamed. Or maybe he is hiding something?

Sweet Shiroppy

I emphasize the fact that I am a man, but the rabbit is really sweet – I’m not ashamed to admit it. I enjoy him evenly with my wife.
Design, the softness of fur, this pose how he hold the radish, pleasant in touch, drooping ears and tiny red eyes.

Shiroppy with small radish


Who would like to meet Grumpy Tabby?
This sweet Grey Tabby looks grumpy but I think everyone can like him and you can become friends.

And Grey Tabby? It looks at you, how long can you be angry?

And Grey Tabby? It looks at you, how long can you be angry?

Tabby can be your best friend who can keep all your secrets or help you hold all your stuff like pencils, rubber, etc. Soft fur, grey colours and a good place to store your items.
Tabby can be best friend for everyone, not only for children or girls.
I consider that also men may entrust him some secrets. Your friends will never guess what you can hide there [even I could not guess that]




Tabby is soft [not that much like Shiroppy] and very well made.

And that pose, he is look like a grumpy crouching tiger 🙂

All plushies you can find on Tokyo Otaku Mode website – 100% Authenticity Guaranteed

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