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What’s up? I decid to start Youtube channel and be with it more serious. What does it mean? Just a more content like: create unboxing videos, reviews, some special openings, game related videos from Japan games and everything what is related with our crazy hobby/passion and life. Probably some stuff will boring, some ok and of course crazy like hell.
How do you like this idea?

To be more specific officially OtakuGuru channel is live for a few month my first video was unboxing with Japan Funbox [Japanese subscription sweets box].
Now you can find two more videos and much more is coming soon.
Sorry if I can sound strange, nervous etc but I’ve never done that, before and this are my first videos.
But I can promise you that each next will be better plus I have a lot of good stuff to show you.

My last two videos is Unboxing New Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon Solgaleo edition and Pokemon Sun Fan edition, Pokemon TCG Elite Trainer box. Both are my prizes I got in Jnuary.
Also coming soon a lot of different videos like: games, unboxing Pokemon TCG, Anime editions, Manga, subscription boxes…
So please remember to subscribe and like my videos.

Link to OtakuGuru youtube channel:

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Blogger, Gamer, YouTuber, Otaku, Poke-fan, Nintendo addict. Happy husband and proud father. Sharing knowledge and passion with everyone. If you have questions related to website please visit contact page.
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