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Hi everyone!
By the title and small feature image you can guess what’s going on here.
I’m starting new post series based on my videos on Youtube.
As you now I started to post some things on Youtube about Pokemon, Manga & Anime, Games. At this moment you can find more Pokemon openings than other Anime stuff, but I can assure you that there will be more.
But to the point.

My recent upload is opening Charizard EX box with figure. US version, in UK released with oversized card. Personally I preferred US versions than big cards. Why? Because include figure and some special boxes more stuff than UK.

Box was released in 2016 for Pokemon 20th anniversary.
If remember price was something around $20
UK edition with oversized card around £15

Box contains:

  • Charizard figure
  • 4x Pokemon Generations booster packs
  • Pokemon TCG Online code
  • Charizard EX promo card

Generally box is great and I pulled a few good cards. I have to say I am satisfied.

You can expect soon small update with card details I pulled and detailed photos.
My milestone for this is make detailed reviews about each pack, box, cards I’m opening.

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