Pokémon Europe International Championships Winners!

Pokémon players and fans from around the globe gathered at London’s ExCeL centre from 17–19 November 2017 for the 2018 season Pokémon Europe International Championships. Playing competitively in both the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon video games, they battled valiantly across three days to find out who would take the titles across a number of categories.

European champions, alongside other successful attendees from around the world, boosted their Championships Points with the aim of securing a place at the 2018 Pokémon World Championships.

The final list of winners from the weekend is as follows:

Video Game Junior Division Top 4:

Champion: Justin Miranda-Radbord (CA)

Finalist: Erik Minniti (IT)

Semifinalist: Riccardo Cantrell (IT)

Semifinalist: Bilel Lakehal (FR)


Video Game Senior Division Top 4:

Champion: James Evans (USA)

Finalist: Thomas Gianola (IT)

Semifinalist: Victor Medina (ES)

Semifinalist: Benjamin Moxon (UK)


Video Game Masters Division Top 4:

Champion: Simone Sanvito (IT)

Finalist: Alex Gomez (ES)

Semifinalist: Davide Cauteruccio (IT)

Semifinalist: Carson Confer (USA)


Trading Card Game Junior Division Top 4:

Champion: Daniel Rosas (USA)

Finalist: Christopher Kaas (DK)

Semifinalist: Joao Gabriel Pentwado (BR)

Semifinalist: Maxence Feuillard (FR)


Trading Card Game Senior Division Top 4:

Champion: Owyn Kamerman (NL)

Finalist: Preston Ellis (USA)

Semifinalist: Connor Pedersen (USA)

Semifinalist: Raymond Long (CA)


Trading Card Game Masters Division Top 4:

Champion: Tord Reklev (NO)

Finalist: Zakary Krekeler (USA)

Semifinalist: Christopher Schemanske (USA)

Semifinalist: Michael Long (CA)


For more information about the Pokémon Championship Series, including rules, tournament locations, dates, times, prizes, and more, please visit www.pokemon.com/uk/play-pokemon

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