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Small update about recent Maintenance mode.
Blog is under construction and soon I’m going to release new version. What this mean? new design, simple better UI and experience and most important will be faster. Current website is to heavy and I know has few loading issues if you have slow internet connection or try to browse it on mobile via 2G or 3G. New version will be more mobile friendly.

Why am I doing this? Because I have a big plans here. Still newest, review are good choice for many of you. I started doing YouTube and soon have a plan for Twitch too with streaming some Anime related games. Also would like to review you some stuff reviewing on YouTube. You can watch my videos look some card or unboxing but I’m not able to deliver you more specific informations. Video you need to watch again and find useful details. On website you can search for it and read whenever you like.

Please bear with me, subscribe to RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube too.
Soon more informations about Pokemon, Dragon Ball, Gundam and all Japan, Anime and Manga related things.

I tried to finish new version before December but couldn’t do it. But will try to finish it before 20 December 2017.
While you wait for that please read other informations, which one appear here.


Featured image is a screenshot from anime “Area no Kishi”

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Blogger, Gamer, YouTuber, Otaku, Poke-fan, Nintendo addict. Happy husband and proud father. Sharing knowledge and passion with everyone. If you have questions related to website please visit contact page.
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