Freedom Japanese Market Subscription Box October 2017 Review and Unboxing

Freedom Japanese Market Box
Month: October
Theme: Halloween

At the very beginning let me thank you to Freedom Japanese Market for this box. It was a pleasure to make review and taste all of this snacks.

Next, let me tell you more, what is it and who is Freedom Japanese Market. As some of you can guess this is subscription box with snacks from Japan.

This subscription box is created by one small family: Ken, Sane, Juliet and Kevin. Yes, this is not big company, this is something from family to you.
Personally I like this. You can find few subscription boxes created like that one and honestly they have a chance to make you happy. Maybe you will not find here some super extras, figures and other additional gadgets but you can find something specially prepared for you and not with think of earning on you any possible cent.

I received October box which one come very quickly. At this time when I write this, some of you should receive November box.
The whole October box was devoted to Halloween subject. I can not forgot about Origami.
Yes, each box contain small hand made Origami. Mine had small origami skull. Clever idea. I like origami, don’t remember when last time I tried to make one 😀

Please note that the below list of sweets is not the same for every box. You can get 3 different versions, depends how many sweets would you like to get and how much you can spend on it. Every box include different amount of sweets. Also some of this snacks are limited. This mean they are available on Japan market for a limited time.

To be more specific you can get:

Puchi Pack
5 to 8 full size and sample snacks
1 handmade origami
English content list with pictures
Price: $14.99/monthly

Original Pack
12-16 full size and sample snacks
1 handmade origami
English content list with pictures
Includes DIY Candy Kit
Price: $24.99

Family Pack
24 to 32 full size and sample snacks
1 handmade origami
English content list with pictures
Includes DIY Candy Kit
Double the snacks without double the price
Price: $45.99

As you can see, not expensive. And all of this come with free worldwide shipping. So this is a good offer.

But lets talk about snacks.

As I told you this was Halloween box and include some snacks with halloween style.

All very good some wasn’t good for me, but this is a personal feeling about taste. So if I don’t like it, that doesn’t mean you too. Maybe you will like such flavour that I do not like.

So let start with:

Halloween Umaibo:

“Corn pottage flavoured puffed corn in a festive Halloween wrapper.”

Sounds good and taste good. Honestly like a corn crisps and very puffy. If you know Cheetoss, this is similar but more delicate.

Pineapple Candy:

“Sweet pineapple candy in a seasonal Halloween wrapper”

Chocolate Umaibo:

“Crunchy puffed corn with the delicious taste of chocolate”

Chocolate :] sounds yummy right? And yes, this is yummy. Puffed corn is exactly the same like Halloween Umaibo but this one is covered with chocolate. I love chocolate so for me this is best composition.

Hot Chilli Aerial:

“Aerated puffed corn flavoured with child and 15 spices”

Very good chips. Not too spicy, puffed and this corn flavour fit to them. I liked them from the first bite.

Puccho Apple Candy:

“Chewy green apple  flavoured candy”

I could say this is chewy candy, more likely chewy gum but there was something good in it. Reminds me little bit “Hi chew” chewy gum but taste differently. Also I found two Puccho in my box green and red. Red one was fine but green one after bite, the juice came out and exploded with an interesting aftertaste.

Halloween Marshmallow:

“A cute Halloween themed cola flavoured marshmallow”

Don’t know what to say about this one. Just a marshmallow but only with one important difference. Wasn’t too sweet like most marshmallows. For me this was fine, because I do not like too sugar filled sweets. If you prefer extra sweet marshmallows this one isn’t for you.

Osatsu Snack:

“Sweet potato chips – a seasonal exclusive!”

Im not a fan of sweet potatoes, so you can expect one. I don’t like it [this is my personal opinion] Like for me this chips were bland in taste. [one word I was missing in a video 😀 ]
I ate a few and just could not finish them. Sorry 🙁 But if you like sweet potatoes, you can like them. This is not for everyone, but remember you need to try to know that 🙂 If you not gonna try it, you never know.


“Crunchy corn flavored pretzel sticks”

Very similar to pocky but corn flavor. I could find them little bit cheesy or maybe I tried to much other snacks before this one 😀
I like them, wasn’t that bad but I’m finding them as a perfect snacks when you drink tea or beer.

Doki Doki Fishing:

“Add water to make grape fish gummies!”

Hmm, add water and make fish gummies? Ok, first thing I was very excited about this DIY kit, this was a fun to make it and I done that with my wife. You have small rod, cup, powder you need to put your rod in, add powder and little bit magic H2O = water 🙂
If this should be gummies, definitely we made them wrong. This was mostly like sugar candies or close to soft lollipop. Of course taste good and like always DIY kit are fun. Definitely this had grape flavor, also wasn’t that sweet. If you get something close to gummies let me know in a comment section.

Kaki no Tane:

“Extra spicy soy sauce flavoured rice crackers” [contains nuts]

Extra spicy? I would not say that. I had opportunity to try more spicy than that one. But to be honest, yes you can feel this is spicy but not Extra 🙂 Taste good if you drink beer, yes I tried that.

Puchi – Puchi Uranai Chocolate:

“Pop out the strawberry milk chocolates and find your fortune for a variety of topics from love to health and many more!”

This was a bonus snack and interesting one. Looks like some pills but this are small milk chocolates. My wife like them and always takes 2 at a time. At first I was thinking this are some healthy chocolates which one can include vitamins. But I couldn’t find any details about this. Would be nice if Freedom Japanese Market put more details about stuff like this one. I really want to know more. I couldn’t find anything about this. Tried to translate and only got random words like: “karaoke, kaki, party” etc so maybe just fun and thats it. Next I tried to visit Chirin website – link on a pack 🙂
I found they are selling some fortune telling sweets looks like this one, but looks differently so this is not that and also found info about fortune one in Google.  Finally I found this are Fortune tellings too, still don’t know how is that work. If you know and can help, please let me know. More informations I found was about natural colouring and that this is limited edition. Available until end of November 2017.

But, wait, is it worth it?
I believe this is important question for everyone who thinks of buying such a box and does not trust it.

Honestly I will tell you one. YES, this is worthy. You need consider few things:
– someone put a lot of effort to create box with different snacks
– some of this snacks are in limited availability in Japan and you can get them only for some time
– if you try to get some of this separately, this are difficult to get from one place and if buying from outside of you country you need to think about shipping cost too
– big plus for warning if something include nuts. This is very important.
– this box include free shipping [worldwide]

Are there any cons?
Always, but in that case small. I couldn’t find something specific. Only this:
– they could put some more details how prepare DIY kits. I had to translate text from a pack. But mostly all of them are the same, put powder in a plastic pot, tip little bit water and wait. But you can find many different DIY candy kits and than this might need some specific instruction
– would be nice to add more details about products. Ingredients etc. You could extend you instruction and add this. I know there is information about nuts which one is cool, but details about other ingredients would be nice and useful too.

And this is all. Everything else is fine.
I can add one additional positive which is contact. Always quick response.

At the end I will quickly summarise price for this items.
This box contained 11 snacks and this was Puchi pack.
Normally cost $14.99 but this compare to a price for each of this snacks?
This is very difficult because depends where you live you can find some of them in few shops mostly online. I live in UK and couldn’t find any of this in local shops with Asian food. E-shops too. I tried to Google some of them and found chips which one cost about $2.39 to $3 per 1x pack. But that was some last stocks and everything else Out of stock. Because like you know from this review some of this items are limited editions. So this is difficult to get. You can not price them. Some small snacks like Umaibo chocolate you can get from many e-shop. This is popular snack and found them in a packs 30x in and this cost $15 Everything else was difficult to find. But if you try, you will find maybe 2-3 and even if somehow you get a chance to buy this snacks you will pay more.
So you can give them a chance 🙂


Small summary:
This is box created by a family for everyone, doesn’t matter how old are you. Price is reasonable and include very interesting products and always handmade gift.

Free shipping – worldwide

All products shipped from Japan

You can subscribe for one time or automatically renew plan like 1,3,6 and 12 month. If you choose longer plan you can expect discount. You can cancel at any time.

A lot of exclusive items, which mean limited editions available for a short time.

Different payment options. Card or PayPal


This is all. Hope you enjoyed this review. Also I’m inviting you to my Unboxing review on YouTube:

And remember to visit Freedom Japanese Market website. If you decide to subscribe let me know what you think. I would like to hear about your experience.

Freedom Japanese Market website:



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