Legendary Pokemon Yvetal and Xerneas coming this May to your 3DS

Yveltal and Xerneas will be the next Pokémon featured in the yearlong celebration of Legendary Pokémon. Beginning May 4 until May 26, players can receive either Yveltal or Xerneas* in their Pokémon Ultra SunPokémon Ultra MoonPokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon game for the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems.
Code cards will be available at GAME in the UK and GameStop in Ireland.
For more details on how to receive these Legendary character distributions, please visit game.co.uk/ or gamestop.ie/.

In addition, both Yveltal and Xerneas are two of the 11 new Boosters available from today in Pokémon Duel as part of the game’s latest update.

These Legendary Pokémon first appeared in Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. When the wings and tail feathers of Yveltal spread wide and glow red, it can absorb the life force of living creatures. Xerneas is a Fairy-type Pokémon, and it is said it can share eternal life when the horns on its head shine in seven colours.

A new trailer that also features exclusive interview footage with developers at GAME FREAK about these Legendary Pokémon is available:

For more information about the mighty Legendary Pokémon Yveltal and Xerneas, plus more details on upcoming Legendary events, visit  Pokemon.co.uk/Legendary

*Owners of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Sun will receive Yveltal, while owners of Pokémon Ultra Moonor Pokémon Moon will receive Xerneas.

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