Supercharge your deck with the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism expansion and new Prism Star cards that will change the way you play! These Prism Star cards are so powerful that you can have only one of each in your deck—and to ensure that you can only use them once, they go to the Lost Zone rather than the discard pile, never to return! The Sun & Moon—Ultra Prism expansion can be found in booster packs, theme decks, and special collections.

Latest News

Pokemon Ultra Prism set out now and trailer!

How are you feel about Pokemon Ultra Prism? This set looks promising. The brand-new Pokémon TCG expansion is available at participating retailers and hobby shop locations across all countries, bringin...

Pokemon Sun & Mon – Ultra Prism coming in February

POKÉMON Trading Card Game – Sun & Moon – Ultra Prism will be released on 2 February  around the world at the same day. The Pokémon Company International announced Sun & Moon—Ultra ...

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