Pokemon Detective Pikachu toys available in Burger King – we’ve got them too!


Few days ago we learner that Pokemon toys from Detective Pikachu will come to Burger King.
Once again after many years we will get a chance to get some toys from Burger King, instead of McDonalds.

But you know what? I decide to check this and looks like this promotion started in UK.
So after Mexico and Spain we are not alone.

At this moment there is not much details but few days ago first leaks start to appear across internet featuring photos from Twitter and Instagram. We had a sneak peak of few toys but wrapped in a foil bag.
Also we found out that this promotion should start in April.
From a Burger King where I got mine, I found that they had them for over a week and starts giving with Kids Meal.
Still there is not much available like some promotional leaflet or other materials but this is live. So if you have Burger King close to you, go and check there. Also let me know if you were able to get some Detective Pikachu toys.

Quickly, what we know at this moment:

  • promotion should start in April, but looks like is live in some places earlier
  • at this moment 5 toys been confirmed: Detective Pikachu, Psyduck, Arcanine, Mewtwo, Loudred and Bulbasaur
  • promotion should be available at the same time for every region USA, UK etc [but this isn’t confirmed]

Now is the best part.

I was able to grab few of them from one Burger King available in Bristol, UK
I’ve got: Detective Pikachu, Mewtwo and Arcanine

This toys looks really good. I’m surprised how Pikachu is well made. Also our electric friend carry secret technique 😉

All toys I got, have some technique. They can shoot, light etc.

If you’d like to check some of my photos with this toys. Please look below for everything I posted on Twitter and Instagram.
Also there is video opening, where I’m opening and displaying this toys.

* This post should be update soon with any additional details about this promotion.
I’ll try to get as much info I can.

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Go and check OtakuGuru Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/otakuguru_com/

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