What we learned about Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield from today’s Pokemon Direct

In today’s Pokemon Direct we got a large portion of details about upcoming Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

I believe everyone is hyped about upcoming Pokemon game and can not wait till November 15. Yes, because Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield launching on November 15 this year.
Today’s direct was like always 15 minutes presentation about game. We had a chance to learn about new game features, find release date and for the first time see new Legendary Pokemon of the Galar Region.
Developer at GAME FREAK inc. provided for us a lot of information. But not everything what was covered. Still we have to wait for another Pokemon Direct or details in the meantime. We don’t know nothing about evolutions for new starters and we got a chance to find only 5 new Gen 8 Pokemon.
But official website for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield provide us with few additional information.

If you’re looking for all of this, please go and check my separate coverage. Full list is available below.
I decide to make this separately so you can get a chance to read all you want.

Pokemon Direct June 2019 Coverage:


Source: Pokemon Direct / Nintendo PR / Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield official website

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