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Platformer games have always been popular. Just like using animals as the main heroes, but what has happened is that more and more games have foxes involved in gameplay – look for games like Tunic, Fox n Forests, Super Luckys Tale or Fox and Bunny, and this list can go on. But let’s leave all of these games and focus on Furwind – a gorgeous and colorful pixel art 2D platformer.

Furwind offers you a classic 2D style with colorful pixel art. At first glance, everything looks delightful. So why not go deeper into the game?

The story is simple. A great evil is awakened by a dark cult that threatens to destroy the balance of nature. You as a hero name Furwind – a cute little fox, are chosen to restore balance to the world.
Through your journey of defeating evil powers, our character gains new powers. To obtain new powers, you have to beat many ancient tests, which you discover on your path.

Furwind - screenshot
Furwind – screenshot

Our protagonist has a lot of work on his journey, and messengers of evil I will not gonna waste their time. In the end, their task is to stop our hero. The game has to offer different levels, across which we can find different types of enemies and bosses.
Every level is well-prepared and rich in details. But you have to be careful – all that glitters is not gold, and not every way is the way to the goal.
But sometimes you can lose your way, think twice and remember every shortcut. A map would be a very useful feature. Of course, is not required, but sometimes a large number of roads requires memorizing all places.

I enjoyed the boss battles because those were offered enjoyable. The game offers a nice experience here. I do not want to tell you everything, but some elements in which the environment plays an important role and are partly integrated with the opponent who attacks our hero allow us not to be bored [at least for some time]. Very important is to be patient and not to rush with everything.

Furwind game
Furwind game
Furwind - in game map
Furwind – in game map

I forgot to tell you that whenever you have to learn new things like how to run, jump, or how work a new element, the game offers you a hint box. Just line up with a small info board and everything automatically appears on your screen. This is nice that game offers you an explanation but this doesn’t need to start all the time when you walk through it. I understand this as a first-time information box but the second one can be available by pressing an action button on it [or something similar]. It interferes with the game when you pass the same place for the second or third time and the information automatically opens.

If you sometimes have a problem with controlling your character, you’re not the only one. I found that sometimes these feel clumsy. You just need more practice and everything will be ok. But these feelings can be with you for the first level or two.
But it is worth remembering that such a feeling can be caused by the fact that Furwind is a classic platformer and does not have anything from today’s games.

Furwind - Korvo's Mystic Shop
Furwind – Korvo’s Mystic Shop

One more interesting feature but also annoying is a checkpoint. Checkpoints are available at every level but you have to pay for activation. Remember that the same money you earn through the game you can use in a game shop [Korvo’s Mystic Shop], where you can spend them on extra life upgrades, boost your stamina, etc. So be careful with that. Sometimes you may not need checkpoints but these are available close to every boss.

Remember that your character gets tired too. A few tail hits and you’ll run out of stamina.

As I said Furwind offers colorful pixel art graphics but also offers beautiful levels. You can find a mix of level types available in a game. Sometimes this will be a classic forest-style level, which offers you to explore it freely and focus on collecting coins and defeating enemies and bosses.
But sometimes you may end up in a cave with limited vision and fireflies as your friends, but you need to keep them close as possible and gather as much as you can from around you. Of course, evil powers will not let you rest here.

Furwind - cave level
Furwind – cave level

However, the ancestor trials can treat you with different level types. This one can be enjoyable too. For example, the first one with “Shaklu” [at the end which you will be given your first special move mid-air dash] looks like a running game. Remember not to let yourself be caught, be fast and careful where you jump.

Furwind isn’t just a simple platformer like a walk from A to B, defeat enemies in the meantime and toss you a boss battle. Besides more interesting levels are available. For example Challenge stages, these stages will test you and our protagonist. Each of these is interesting, some focused on running [like “Shaklu” trial test], some on exploring and some on puzzle solving. So, as you can see, the game has a lot to offer. It is very enjoyable and if you’re a platformer fun, you can spend a few good hours with this title.

Furwind - run as fast as you can
Furwind – run as fast as you can

In the end, let me give you some advice. When you fight a boss battle, try to remember their pattern, don’t rush, and be patient. As a reward, it guarantees you a sweet victory.

Tested on Nintendo Switch [EU]
Review copy provided by Jandu-Soft

Furwind is a delightful action-platformer with gorgeous pixel art and a nice, calm soundtrack. Controls issue can lead to a feeling that something is wrong with a game. Although this is a perfect title for retro fans who like classic platformer games.
  • Gergeous pixel art style
  • Interesting boss battles
  • Classic platformer
  • Controls feels weird
  • Paid checkpoints
  • Menu control requires selection of each item
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