Sorry for Website Downtime During the Weekend

At the very beginning please accept my apology for the downtime during the weekend!

I’m truly sorry about that, but before the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield I tried to release few features for the website that help you find easily many interesting details related to upcoming games and also about previously related j-games.
The same features supposed to be used for Pokemon TCG. Lucky I was able to fix some of this and small pieces are live on a website but I’m not going to promote them until I fix other issues.
If you spot some problem on website please notify me immediately via contact form – here.

You can experience some issues during your visit but none of them should stop you from reading, navigating through articles, and any other type of content. So rest assured, everything is ok.
Of course, some small problems regards database may occur – missing stuff or even content [rare but can happen and even I know about few missing pieces], bad anchors [but I tried my best to avoid this].

Due to the upcoming release featuring Pokémon Generation 8, website will focus on the upcoming Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch and to topics related to Pokémon. Content related to other j-games, Anime & Manga, will slowly start appearing about two weeks after game release. Sorry, but as a one team member, I can not cover everything and would like to focus on most important things and quality instead of quantity. But if there is anyone who wants to Join OtakuGuru team – let me know!

Thank you for your support! You’re the best, and I know how many of you visit the website, so this is important for everyone.


There is some funny phrase about last issue:
“Never do a release on Friday” !!!

Really, never. But this is also a good lesson.

Many thanks,
Robert aka. OtakuGuru

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Blogger, Gamer, YouTuber, Otaku, Poke-fan, Nintendo addict. Happy husband and proud father. Sharing knowledge and passion with everyone. If you have questions related to website please visit contact page.
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