Genshin Impact Paimon’s Sharing new details

Genshin Impact final beta is on the way and we’re waiting for any details when the game will be publicly available.
But so far let’s take a look at few secrets shared on the official website.

Q1: Can we have more co-op games like fishing/mazes/ball games?
A: After getting a lot of feedback about this in the previous beta, the devs have been working on a whole new co-op event. They told Paimon that Travelers will need to work together to complete it~

Q2: We want a title system!
A: The devs had a really lively discussion on this one… Paimon didn’t catch everything they were saying from outside the door, but there was definitely something about “name cards” or something…

In the Pipeline

Q1: Can we add more items and Mora to find by exploring the world?
A: Paimon recently noticed some mysterious cracks appeared in the surface of Teyvat. Paimon expects there’s be lots of goodies waiting to be found inside (╭ರ_⊙)

Q2: We want to take on domains with Travelers from all walks of life. Can we add a matching system?
A: Just so happens that the devs are working around the clock on exactly that! Paimon’s sure it’ll be worth the wait~

Q3: Can we have a function that lets us lock artifacts and weapons, to stop us accidentally choosing them as level-up materials?
A: Paimon agrees, no Traveler should have to watch their hard-won spoils go to waste. The devs are working on this~

Under Consideration

Q1: Can we have more modes of interaction, such as crouching to stroke cats and dogs?
A: The devs are planning it out. Quite right, because Paimon wants to stroke those cute doggies and kitties too (♡´艸`)

Looks like devs working hard on getting everything ready for players and many great things will take place in these game. I hope everyone who’s waiting for it will be very happy.
I never had a chance to play it but I’ve seen a lot of gameplay videos and it looks really good. It is worth to wait and then have opinion after you get a chance to play it for little while.

Source: Genshin Impact official website

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