Amazing Kabutops replica – true Pokemon Fossil!

This looks like real Pokemon Fossil!

Have you ever wanted to get a real Pokemon Fossil on your desk? One artist made that happen, but how?

Ok, one day I’ve been browsing through Twitter and reading some new Tweets and one Tweet draw my attention – someone made a replica of Kabutops, yes Pokemon Fossil that looks like a real one. But what I am going to tell you, see for yourself.

Looks amazing, right? Author of this specimen is: @tete_chokousaku you can find him on Twitter and on YouTube He makes all kinds of amazing sculptures and uses different techniques. You should go and check him.

Also, he’s running a Giveaway on a Twitter where everyone has a chance to win Kabutops – wish to Win it!

I am impressed with how Kabutops was made and painted, this is really cool and the author spends a few days to make it.

But how he bring Pokemon Fossil to our world?

If you watch the video, you get a view of the whole process, but for those who prefer to read, I’ve got you covered. [Scroll to the bottom of this post for a video or click a link above to the author YouTube channel].

The whole process is not easy and fast, at first author made a 3D project of Kabutops. Whole skeleton with all joints and details like texture.
Next was time to use a 3D printer, the printing process took about 7.5 hours. After that clean from remaining pieces, wash everything, and prepare for painting.

Painting has been done with the use of airbrush tools and classic brushes to make sure every detail will be visible.

When Kabutops was finished, it was time to prepare a special stand/pedestal and plate with Pokemon name and details. It is a wooden pedestal with a glass tube to secure your fossil. Then author put Kabutops in and everything is ready.

One more time I need to say that this is really cool. I wish “Tete” could be open for commissions and maybe some store? That would be awesome.
If he made Kabutops, maybe it’s time for Aerodactyl and Omanyte?

What do you think about that? Would you like to have one on your desk or shelf?

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