What happened to OtakuGuru?

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Everyone who reads this title wonders what’s going on? Something bad happened to me or something else? Rest assured, there is nothing to worry about, I’m ok.

Although I needed a break, re-think the future of this website and social channels, plus prepare a few things that will happen in the upcoming weeks. I don’t want to make any statements, about what and when will happen because I know from my experience that frequent planning does not always go according to the first arrangements and a lot can change along the way. So let’s leave a hint of mystery here. Let’s move to the most important part.

What happened through my absence and small online activity?

A lot, a lot, and one more time, a lot of things. I’d like to talk about all of them but some of them are related to recent COVID events. During the pandemic, I developed anxiety, something that many people struggle to talk about and I’d like to elaborate on this topic in future posts. This problem affects many people, gamers, writers, marketers, and a lot of other people in the world. It can make your life more difficult, especially when you have full-time work and family that needs you. If you struggle with these problems please remember that you can freely reach me via any of my social media channels, if you need to talk about it I’m happy to share some of the things I learned.

As you can read from my message above I’ve been hit with something that I never expected will hit me with such power. But I’m still here. Besides that my family grew up and we have a lovely little daughter. This means I need again protect my collection, games, Pokemon cards, Manga, and other collectibles. This even gave me plenty of ideas for posts related to parents who decide to have a small child/children and need to protect their valuable hobby. My notes are full of interesting topics and I can not wait till I get around them and write something that no one covered, yet. Just be patient.

What’s next?

I can not say all of the things that are next but can guarantee that there will be new content.
Earlier I mentioned that I had to re-think the future of the website and social media channels. There were plenty of things I wanted to do and still want, also I needed to change some of my priorities and want to focus more on website, community, sharing knowledge, news, and more. You’ll find some interesting materials where I’ll use my new skills to show them in an interesting way and will try to get you as much I can interesting posts.

II hope we will grow together and this will allow me to share with you interesting materials. Writing blog, articles, and managing social media channels by one person needs a lot of skills and I love to use them: writing, photography, video, editing, talking to people, translating, and of course getting hands-on new cards, gadgets related to Gaming, Pokemon and Anime world.

This is it. Hope to see you soon.

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Blogger, Gamer, YouTuber, Otaku, Poke-fan, Nintendo addict. Happy husband and proud father. Sharing knowledge and passion with everyone. If you have questions related to website please visit contact page.
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