Nintendo Switch Update Update 14.1.0 is Now Live

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Nintendo Switch Update 14.1.0
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If you haven’t turned on your console for a while, it’s worth updating it.

The latest version 14.1.0 has been distributed on the 5th of April 2022 and added Platinum points notification settings.

The official patch note

“Platinum Point Notification Settings” has been added under Notifications in System Settings

  • Platinum Points earned from completing Missions & Rewards are subject to notifications.
    • The Missions & Rewards service is not available in some countries and regions.
  • Setting these notifications to OFF will hide the notification sent when there are unclaimed Platinum Points for a set amount of time.

A full list of all Nintendo Switch updates is available here

How to perform system update

The Nintendo Switch console will automatically download the most recent system update while it is connected to the internet, but in some cases, you may have opened a game, while the game is open and you start your console from sleep mode, it will popup you dialog window with notification about new firmware. But if you cancel any information or don’t see a notification, go to System Settings and choose System Update.

Image: Nintendo
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