Pokémon GO is a new expansion pack for the Pokémon Card Game and is scheduled for release on June 17th, 2022 in Japan.

Pokémon GO expansion is a collaboration project and will feature characters and Pokémon styled cards well known from the Pokémon GO game.

Latest News

Pokemon GO Cards Gift Campaign details

If you live in Japan remember that starting from June 17, 2022, you’ll get a chance of getting 1x Pokemon GO (s10b) Promo Pack for every 4x booster packs of this set or 5x packs for a booster bo...

Pokemon GO Japanese Products

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Japanese products and promo cards

Recently I posted a list of revealed Japanese cards from the Pokemon GO set, but at the same time, The Pokemon Company revealed a few products and promo cards exclusive to Japan. Pokemon TCG: Pokemon ...

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Japanese set

First look at Pokemon TCG – Pokemon GO Japanese cards

Last Thursday 28.04 we got a closer look at photorealistic cards from the upcoming Pokemon GO cards set, set for release on June 17th in Japan. English set will be released on July 1st. Japanese set h...

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