Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Japanese products and promo cards

Pokemon GO Japanese Products

Recently I posted a list of revealed Japanese cards from the Pokemon GO set, but at the same time, The Pokemon Company revealed a few products and promo cards exclusive to Japan.

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO Japanese products

Pokemon GO Card file set / ポケモンカード カードファイルセット

Title JP: ポケモンカード カードファイルセット
Title ENG: Pokemon GO Card File set

Release date: June 17, 2022

Price: 1760 yen (tax included)

– 4x Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO expansion booster pack
– 1x Pikachu [272/S-P] promo card
– 1x Pokemon cards file/portfolio

Pikachu / ピカチュウ 272/S-P

Card Title JP: ピカチュウ
Card Title ENG: Pikachu

Card nr: 272/S-P

A promotional card featuring Pikachu will be available inside the Pokemon GO Card File set.

Pokemon GO special set / ポケモンカード スペシャルセット

Title JP: ポケモンカード スペシャルセット
Title ENG: Pokemon GO Special set

Release date: June 17, 2022

Price: 3700 yen (tax included)

– 6x Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO expansion booster pack
– 1x Mewtwo V [273/S-P] promo card
– 1x Special cards box
– 7x Pokemon stickers
– 1x Pokemon TCG display frame
– 1x Pokemon TCG deck cas
– 1x Pokemon TCG coin

Mewtwo V / ミュウツー V 273/S-P

Card Title JP: ミュウツーV
Card Title ENG: Mewtwo V

Card nr: 273/S-P

A promotional card featuring Mewtwo V will be available inside a box of Pokemon GO Special set.

Pokemon GO seems like an interesting set, full of creative artworks and features well-known elements from the mobile game recreated with well known artistic style for Pokemon cards.

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