Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO English cards revealed

Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO english card

On April 28th, 2022, The Pokemon Company International revealed more details about the upcoming Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO set, including the first view into some cards.

Recently we had a chance to check some of the cards from the Japanese set (s10b), which has the same name and almost a similar amount of cards. But like all the time some of the cards available within the Japanese set will be used as a promo card in the English set or will appear in a different way and some may never get printed outside of Japan.

In a special collaboration between Pokemon TCG and the Pokemon GO game, fans will get a chance to add photorealistic artworks to their collection and deck. Some of the cards illustrate Pokemon from within the game or like from Pokemon GO trailers. Besides that, we have many well-known elements and characters, like Lure Module, PokeStop, Blissey defending a Gym or characters like Spark from Team Instinct, Blanche from Team Mystic and Candela from Team Valor.

Pokemon GO – English cards list

The Pokemon TCG: Pokemon GO set is scheduled for release on July 1, 2022. Many products will be released at that time, with more coming at a later date.

Source: The Pokemon Company

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