Pokémon Sleep is real – what we know about it

First announced on May 28, 2019, and is now set for release this Summer 2023.

First announced 4 years ago by Tsunekazu Ishihara during the Pokémon Company conference in 2019, as announced on the latest Pokémon Direct we can expect it this summer of 2023, but let’s find out what we know about it.

Pokémon Sleep gameplay details

Every trainer needs a good sleep if he wants to “become the very best”, but what’s the best way for that if not having fun with Snorlax – master of all those who loves to sleep, besides that why not track and measure your own sleep progress at the same time.

Pokémon Sleep is a mobile app that adds a gamified experience to your sleep tracking. Trainers are going to visit a small island and will be carrying out research on how Pokémon sleep. You’ll get to work with Snorlax who lives on the island and you’re going to meet Neroli, a professor whos studying Pokémon sleep styles.

By placing your phone by your pillow, you’ll get to record and measure your sleep. This is quite similar to other sleep-tracking apps, but they don’t have your favorite Pocket Monsters.
Your score will depend on how long you sleep, and how many Pokémon will appear around Snorlax.

But hows that work? During the night, your sleep will be classified as one of three styles: dozing, snoozing, or slumbering, a Pokémon that sleeps in a similar way as you will gather around Snorlax, then in the morning you’ll be awarded your sleep score.

Some rare sleep styles will be available too. Every Pokémon has different sleep styles and you can discover all of them. By that, you get a chance to complete your sleep style dex.

Pokémon Sleep - rare sleep styles
Pokémon Sleep – rare sleep styles

Pokémon Sleep mobile app details

So far we don’t know a lot about the app, but the main functionalities are around measuring your sleep and having fun.
Trainers will be able to set alarms, check sleep progress with details like how many hours of sleep they had, and check more detailed graphs about it.
From available details within a trailer and screenshots, we can notice that app will measure your sleep and sound, which is similar to apps like Sleep Tracker – recorder or Sleepzy.

What about compatibility with iOS, and Android build Health features or other devices?
So far we don’t know anything, although Pokémon Sleep will be compatible with the new device Pokemon GO Plus+ which also will be compatible with Pokemon GO.

Pokémon Sleep - app screenshots
Pokémon Sleep – app screenshots

Pokémon Sleep professor

Professor Neroli is a new professor who resides on the island and gathers information about Pokémon sleep patterns. So far we don’t know much about him, besides the details you can find within a trailer.
Neroli looks like a positive person and seems to be a fan of Snorlax, because he’s wearing shirts in his color, and a sleep mask around his neck.

Like most of the known professors from the Pokémon world, Neroli’s name comes from “Neroli oil” an essential oil produced from the blossom of the “Bitter orange” tree.

Pokémon Sleep - Professor Neroli
Pokémon Sleep – Professor Neroli

Pokémon Sleep trailer

Pokémon Sleep – official trailer

Pokémon GO Plus + compatibility

Pokémon Sleep will be compatible with the new device Pokémon GO Plus +, which allows you to keep track of your sleep with the press of a button. This will be easier than having a phone by your pillow.
Pokémon GO Plus + will use Bluetooth to link with Pokémon Sleep and when it’s time to wake up it will transfer all details to the Pokémon Sleep app.

Pokémon GO Plus + seems like a neat device that can hold your sleep data, but it has some extra features, it can be used with Pokémon GO. But if this isn’t enough for you, worth to mention that device will let you know when it’s time to go to sleep or wake up with Pikachu voice prompts.

Pokémon GO Plus + device
Pokémon GO Plus + device

Pokémon GO Plus + is planned for a worldwide launch on July 21st, 2023.

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