ASUS announcing ROG Ally – Windows 11 gaming handheld


Are you ready to elevate your gaming experience to new heights? ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced its latest innovation, the ROG Ally – a groundbreaking Windows 11 gaming handheld fueled by an all-new AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor, which can revolutionize the world of portable gaming.

But how this can benefit gamers? There is a Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and other gaming handheld available on the market. At least gamers can have a choice, let’s find more details about ROG Ally.

AMD-powered performance

The ROG Ally sets a new standard for handheld gaming with its cutting-edge APU design, powered by the formidable AMD Ryzen Z1 series processor with RDNA 3 graphics. This powerhouse combination will enable the Ally to deliver unrivaled performance, allowing you to experience games like never before. From AAA titles to indie games, you can breeze through them effortlessly, enjoying smooth gameplay and impressive graphics. Besides that ASUS provides Ally with ROG’s Zero Gravity thermal system, which uses a dual-fan system with ultrathin heatsink fins and high-friction heat pipes to ensure the Ally stays cool in any orientation.

Powerful device like ROG Ally needs good screen too, and the Ally does not disappoint you as it is equipped with a 120 Hz FHD (1080p) panel with FreeSync Premium support. Gamers should enjoy supreme motion clarity in fast-paced games [sounds good for games like Dragon Ball FighterZ, SOULCALIBUR, Naruto and similar one], with no tearing or stuttering in the event of an FPS drop. The display also has a maximum brightness of 500 nits, enabling gamers to easily keep track of the action in more challenging environments like the great outdoors.


Full-fledged Windows 11 Gaming Experience

One of the most remarkable features of the ROG Ally is its compatibility with Windows 11, the latest gaming-friendly operating system from Microsoft. With the Ally, you can seamlessly access and enjoy your entire gaming library, along with a wide range of streaming services, right at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in the worlds of your favorite games, connect with friends, and explore new adventures, all within the familiar Windows ecosystem. The ROG Ally takes your gaming experience to the next level, delivering the ultimate portable gaming platform.

Additionally, Ally will get a Special Edition of Armoury Crate (ASUS in house app which let you control all aspect of ROG Ally), you’ll be able to customize your gameplay performance modes, a game launcher, in-game monitoring software, Aura Sync support (RGB LED control app), and more. ROG is also offering a bundled 90-day trial of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which will give you a head start with access to hundreds of great games from Xbox Game Studios, indie studios, as soon as you boot your Ally device.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design for Effortless Gaming

Not only does the ROG Ally pack a powerful punch in terms of performance, but it also offers a lightweight and ergonomic design that ensures comfortable gaming sessions, even during extended gameplay. Weighing in at just 608 g, the Ally is a featherlight companion that should fits perfectly in your hands (to have some comparison Nintendo Switch weight with attached joy cons is 420g, Steam Deck about 669g). Its ergonomics will provide a secure grip, allowing you to play with precision and control. Whether you’re gaming on the go or enjoying a relaxing session at home, the ROG Ally is designed to keep you comfortable and immersed in the action.

ASUS ROG Ally - couch experience

This sounds good, what do you think about it?
ROG Ally can be a big competitor to Steam Deck and nice addition handheld for gamers who play on the go, couch or any other places. Besides that from my personal perspective this would make perfect device for Anime gamers and should let you play Genshin Impact and other amazing games like Dragon Ball, Naruto, and more, plus should be interesting device to play TCG games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, MTG with no hassle.

If you want to find more about ROG Ally, wait for the official launch event which will be held on May 11, 2023 – details here. Event will start at 10.00 a.m. Eastern Time (14.00 GMT).

ASUS ROG Ally - #playALLYourgames
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