Where to buy ASUS ROG Ally – Pre-orders are live

Let’s have a look at where you can buy new gaming handheld
Where to buy ASUS ROG Ally - Pre-orders are live

Gamers, brace yourselves for the much-anticipated arrival of the ASUS ROG Ally handheld. This exciting new windows gaming device is poised to rival the reigning champion of handheld gaming, the Steam Deck. If you’re on the lookout for a portable gaming device that delivers top-notch performance and cutting-edge features, the ROG Ally might just be the one for you. With pre-orders now available and the release date confirmed, it’s time to explore what this handheld has to offer.

Unlike its Linux-based competitor, the ROG Ally runs on the Windows operating system, providing a familiar interface and access to a wide range of gaming options. Powered by AMD Ryzen Z1 and RDNA 3 GPU, this handheld promises exceptional performance and a seamless gaming experience.

Featuring a 7″ display with a 16:9 ratio, the ROG Ally offers a visual treat with its 1920×1080 resolution and impressive 500-nit brightness. Gamers can expect smooth gameplay with a 120 Hz refresh.

Where you can buy ASUS ROG Ally?

Pre-orders are live on the official ASUS ROG website as well like with a few retailers, like Curry’s in the UK or Best Buy in the US. Keep in mind that availability for in-person pick-up may vary depending on your region or local store, as some storefronts currently indicate delivery-only options. By placing your pre-order today, you can look forward to receiving your brand-new gaming handheld on June 13th.

Where to buy/pre order ASUS ROG Ally in the UK

As mentioned above, there is only a few places where you can get ROG Ally from, UK isn’t different and have to offer you two places.

Should you buy ASUS ROG Ally on launch day?

There are plenty of reasons to consider an early adopter of this exciting gaming handheld. ASUS ROG already revealed plenty of details so gamers can make their decision. If you want to check all of the details please read “What we know about ROG Ally”, here.

Pre-ordering the ROG Ally is an excellent way to secure your spot among the first owners. If you’re already certain that this handheld is the one for you, take advantage of the pre-order option instead of waiting until the official launch day. Get ready to embark on a new gaming adventure with the ASUS ROG Ally, your ultimate companion in portable gaming.

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