Pokémon: Paldean Winds – A Fresh Adventure in the Paldea Region

Pokémon: Paldean Winds

The Pokémon Company International is set to captivate fans with a brand-new animated web series, Pokémon: Paldean Winds. This innovative series transports viewers to the magical Paldea region, presenting it like never before.

Meet the Stars of Pokémon: Paldean Winds

Three academy students – Ohara, Aliquis, and Hohma – are the protagonists of Pokémon: Paldean Winds. The series follows their exciting journey, documenting their growth, learning, and experiences while attending school.

What sets Pokémon: Paldean Winds apart is its limited originality, drawing fans into a unique and vibrant world. Pokémon enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate watching Pokémon: Paldean Winds on the official Pokémon YouTube channel. The series will air on September 6, 2023. Stay tuned for an unforgettable adventure in the world of Pokémon, coming soon!

Paldean Winds screenshots

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