Pokemon invites us to a haunting tale about a Pokémon from the land of Kitakami

Pokemon - Kitokami Tale

Pokémon fans, get ready for a haunting tale! The Pokémon Company has teased an upcoming reveal about a mysterious new Pokémon from the land of Kitakami.

This teaser ties into the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet titled The Teal Mask. While details are scarce for now, clues point to this new Pokémon having a matcha motif. Though details are limited at this point, hints indicate this new Pokémon may have a matcha tea motif.

During the recent 2023 Pokémon World Championships, The Pokémon Company invited some content creators for a special tea ceremony and gifted them with traditional tea sets featuring matcha brewing supplies. Interestingly, these tea gift boxes were dated August 22, 2023 – the same date as the promised Kitakami tale reveal.

Could this new Pokémon be a special Polteageist evolution or something completely different? We’ll find out more when the full reveal goes live on Pokémon’s official YouTube channel on August 22nd at 2 PM BST/10 PM JST.

Pokémon Traditional Tea Set - promotional material
Pokémon Tea Set with the same date as the planned reveal

For now, we can speculate that this new Pokémon may be matcha or tea-inspired, based on the ceremonial tea sets. One thing’s for sure, this haunting tale has fans buzzing with anticipation.

Be sure to check back on August 22nd as we uncover more about this mysterious Pokémon from Kitakami! Don’t miss the chilling tale.

Pokémon Kitokami Tale - promotional graphic
Pokémon Kitokami Tale
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