Poltchageist is a new Pokemon from the Kitakami region

Following yesterday’s teaser, The Pokémon Company has now shared an exciting new trailer revealing more details about a hunting tale from Kitakami region.

The trailer unveils a brand new Pokémon – Poltchageist. As many fans speculated, Poltchageist seems to be inspired by a traditional Japanese matcha tea set, fitting the ceremonial motif.

Presented as an ancient folklore tale, the trailer narrates the story of this mischievous new Ghost/Grass type Pokémon. With its name and theming, Poltchageist appears to be related to Sinistea and Polteageist in some way.

Poltchageist will make its debut when The Teal Mask launches on September 13th, as part of the new DLC content for Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. The Kitakami region will introduce many more new Pokémon to discover.

So far we don’t have more details related to Poltchageist, but as soon as those will be shared, will update its details.

Stay tuned for more!

More details have been shared about Poltchageist:

Name: Poltchageist
Type: Grass/Ghost

Check its special video shared by Pokemon on its official Twitter channel

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