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OtakuGuru is a website with the latest news, articles, and guides about Pokemon TCG, Pokemon, and Gaming like retro-gaming, J-games, Nintendo, PlayStation, Anime, Manga, Japanese culture, gadgets, and conventions.

There are many people who are interested in varieties of those topics, and that’s why you’ll be able to read them here. Hope you find here what you’re looking for decide to add this blog to your RSS reader or bookmark.

You can expect to find here reviews, photos, figure reviews, gadgets reviews, Pokemon card sets, information about Japanese snacks as well as any information from upcoming and old games.
If you have a problem with a game or looking for details about J-games or retro hardware, this place is for you.

Hope to bring you details you can not find in any other place.

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For those interested in history.
OtakuGuru started in March 2016 with a few occasional blog posts related to Japanese gadgets, snacks, and Pokemon cards. Next in November 2018 version 2 has been introduced to the world, with new sections, and special hubs for Anime, Games, and Card sets. Since then the website went through a lot of things even some turmoil due to health and everything that’s been around but from 2022/2023 many new ideas made their way, and the website slowly regains its position.

About Chief Editor

OtakuGuru Chief Editor is Robert, a Geek, Otaku, Poke-fan, and Developer. Born in a beautiful 88 who discovered the amazing console NES at the very young age of 8 years [or earlier], two years after that start watching a lot of Anime like Captain Tsubasa, Dragon Ball, and Sailor Moon and started this journey.

I think that’s enough about me 🙂

But if you’re interested to know more, can tell you that I’m a happy husband and father who wants to bring the joy of gaming and Japanese culture to everyone.

The website is managed only by me but maybe someday in the future, someone else will decide to join me.

All of this writing, and posting is happening in Bristol, UK – a nice and green city, where only the weather could be more stable, but this is the same everywhere.


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